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Whether it’s film, animation or both, the explainer videos and video productions we produce have a rare mix of marketing and creativity at their heart.

We help you define a target market and goal for your business video, such as driving website traffic, converting website visitors or educating your audience. Only then do we design a campaign, checking with you that our strategy hits the mark. We then help you understand the vast amount of data available to you once you’ve set your video live. Not all videos are born equal.

We’re pleased to say this isn’t all sales waffle. Our creative team in Norwich, Norfolk, have helped achieve over 18 million views for our clients and you can see plenty of examples of our work above – from explainer videos, promotional videos, animated infographics and product videos to how-to videos and adverts. To learn more about our creative process, watch ‘The Curveball Story’ on the left.

From our animation studio & video production house, we work with clients as close as London and far as Israel. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you understand what would work best for your company, or simply get in touch by email.

If you are interested in what our clients say, read our testimonials.

From a product video to FAQs, marketing through corporate video can compliment a business, helping to grow your brand, save staff time or educate your viewers. To be successful in a highly saturated market, it’s crucial to understand your audience and create content that engages and delivers results. A business video shouldn’t be a nice to have, it should be able to demonstrate a return on your investment.

Using animation can be highly effective, especially if you have a complex product or service. Using an animated explainer video, you can engage your audience far better than just film. We’re an animation company in the UK, who specialise in producing animations that tell a story and put across your product benefits succinctly, leading to more interest in your business.

Video SEO simply means your content is optimised to reach the right viewers. We work with both clients that already have an engaging promotional video which isn’t delivering a return on their investment and those that want a video that is highly targeted and marketed to reach the right viewers. We carefully research your audience and what they are searching for and create campaigns that deliver the results you want. That may be driving more website visitors or building a subscriber base of potential customers.

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