3D computer animation

Explainer videos with 3D computer animation can bring a whole new dimension, literally. Using 3D motion graphics and 3D animation can be highly effective in showcasing a product, either in a photorealistic way or as an abstraction.

3D animation can also be used as a way to cut through the noise. People are so used to seeing 2D animation in animated explainers that breaking from the norm can attract more eyes to your video.

A flavour of our 3D computer animations

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3D computer animation production process

3D computer animation production process

In collaboration with you, we’ll guide you through a rock-solid production process. You’ll know what to expect, and when. You’re treated like one of the team and of course, get sign off at each stage.

Depending on the type of 3D computer animation, we may add in two more stages – wireframe and animatic so you can get a really good feel for the design profile and motion before we get to work.

3D, 2D and video production mix

3D computer animation doesn’t have to sit alone. Our animated explainers and video productions often use a mix of 3D/2D animation and film.

Through our discovery process, we’ll see discuss with you the best approach. 3D computer animation can be fantastic for adding depth and 2D animation for highlighting key information in your explainer video. Film then adds another dimension too, such as people or places.

We can integrate 3D computer animation (or 2D for that matter) with film too, creating high levels of engagement.