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Then we create a video that truly works for you. Whether that’s more leads and conversions on your website, better engagement with your customers or something else. Those are the videos we make. That’s the kind of video production company we are.

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“Curveball were quick to understand our needs and to develop a video which turned out to be extremely well received throughout the company.”


“From the outset the team at Curveball were brilliant. They took on board all of our objectives and came up with creative and informative concepts and storyboarding. We were absolutely delighted with the process from start to finish.”

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“Had the pleasure of working with Curveball Media as part of the blockchainexchange.com. The whole team was amazing and great to work with, they understood our brief and created something better than we could have imagined from the visuals to the sound hands down flawless.”

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“These guys are rockstars. They strike the right balance of listening and understanding your requirements to uncover what video success looks like to you, whilst also advising and leveraging their skills, knowledge and experience to the fullest. This combination ensures you have a video that meets your success criteria and really benefits your business. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.”


“So pleased with our animation, plus they are easy to work with and competitively priced! Can’t recommend Curveball highly enough.”


“A great creative agency who came up with a new concept animation for us to use across our marketing channels, at conferences/exhibitions, on our website, and the assets are being integrated into some of our marketing collateral.”

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Cost, length, lead time and process

When it comes to 3D computer animations, the answer is: it depends. Because every animation we make is designed to meet each client’s objective, brand and audience. But! Most of the animations we make are 90 seconds and take between 6-8 weeks from start to finish and follow our six step process.

Our Video Guide has more detail about the process, lead times and price categories. In terms of getting a precise cost, the best way of answering this is to drop us a line and tell us about your project: the sort of animation you’re looking for, your budget and share some examples with us of any animations you like.

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FAQs about 3D computer animation

What is 3D computer animation?

3D computer animation is simply way of creating digitally animated images using computer programmes like 3ds Max, Motionbuilder and Cinema 4D. As opposed to illustrating each image frame by frame or making each object by hand (think Stop Motion and Aardman).

3D computer animations create the impression of movement in the same way a film does: by repeatedly replacing one image with another one in rapid succession, but each image is slightly modified in a process called tweening and the animation is then rendered.

What are the benefits of using 3D computer animation?

Pretty much anything can be animated in 3D. Pineapples. Toys. Dinosaurs. Rockets. Doughnuts. Birds of Paradise. Balloons. Whatever. That’s the beauty of it. Anything is possible.

So, having 3D animation on the creative table means we can offer clients more creative options and ideas, better and more interesting ways to get their message across. From a narrative point of view, 3D animation quite literally adds depth and breadth to an otherwise flat – 2D – screen. We can move objects and characters through time and space, creating a much more engaging and immersive experience for the audience. They can lose themselves in a 3D world.

3D computer animation also allows our team to animate things that may not even be possible or affordable to do in real life. Which is especially valuable if we need to animate something like the Earth or a satellite in outer space, or animate a client’s product, revolving it or morphing it into whatever shape necessary to tell the story.

Have a look at how we’ve animated the escalator and bouncing ball in our explainer video for The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

Animated explainer using 3D computer animation for The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.

You can see more examples of different animation techniques in our animated explainer and video production portfolios.

Should all videos use 3D computer animation?

No. Sometimes it won’t be relevant to use 3D animation at all, or only at certain times within your explainer video. We would only suggest using 3D when it’s appropriate for the purpose of the video, audience and placement. Those are the three most important things to consider at first, because they affect how the video is made and how successful it will be.

Isn’t 3D computer animation expensive?

It depends. If you want to make the next Avatar or Toy Story, then yes, you’ll probably need a few hundred million dollars and five years, not to mention a team of a three hundred animators, script writers and artists and designers behind you. But for a 90-second animated explainer video, no, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Sometimes only a few seconds of an animation might be 3D, sometimes the whole thing.

The main point to consider is why it would be relevant to use it. Does using 3D add something special? Does it help tell the story or get the point across? Does it complement your brand? Will your audience benefit from it? Better than using another technique? If the answer is yes, then let’s use it.