Animated Infographics

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Animated Infographics

The rise of animated infographics

Animated Infographics have risen in popularity recently. We love them. They allow for a very creative use of animation to bring out interesting facts. They also act as a light touch way of increasing brand exposure. They tend to be shared more than a traditional ‘corporate video’ and like how-to’s, give the viewer digestible information that is either useful or interesting. Compared to other types of production, they also tend to perform better through paid advertising, especially through social networks.

Creating Infographics

We can either design infographics and then animate them, or take an existing design and bring it to life. We’ll create a storyboard so you can see how the final animation will look. The possibilities for animation are endless.


As with all our animations, our prices are bespoke. We design all our illustrations specifically for each business and our animations are created with our clients brand in mind. As a guide, the biggest factors that influence cost are the length of the video and the complexity.

Integrated Video & Animation

If are interested in how video production and animation can be integrated, click on the ‘film with animation’ tab below.