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Animated Explainer Videos

There are many different reasons for using animated explainer videos to promote your product/service and different ways of designing one to achieve the results you want. The bottom line is though, you need an explainer video to not only build empathy with your audience, but explain succinctly the benefits and prompt people to take action. Unfortunately, the most amazing animated explainer video in the world might wow people, but if it doesn’t have a strong script and storyboard at its heart, it’ll fail to deliver.

Our Creative Process

We spend a lot of time with you understanding your brand, your customers and how to create an explainer video that has the right tone and message to really engage your viewers. Our Creative Process PDF will give you more information on how we work with you to develop a script, storyboard and final animation.

Our Work

We’ve created animated explainer videos for apps, complicated products and businesses that just need an engaging video for their website home page. Browse our examples below and give us a call to see how we can make video marketing work for your business.

Video & Animation Combined

If are interested in how video production and animation can be combined, click on the ‘film with animation’ tab below. You might also want to check out our examples of animated infographics.