by Olly Lawer

I think in my entire time at Curveball, there’s only been one day that wasn’t filled with laughter. Adeptly, it was raining outside, the birds weren’t singing and everyone had a face like thunder.

It was in the very early days when we shared a desk in a tiny office – a small step up from my bedroom. I had let a spate of high activity which had resulted in low results affect me (basically I’d done networking to death that week and had no new clients to show for it). I was miserable and wasn’t thinking positively.

Why am I talking about this you may ask? Well, what better way to start a blog about laughing than with a miserable story. Plus it was that day that confirmed for me what I already knew – laughter really is a cure all.

We now have a team of eleven and when we have a team meeting, a kind of strange awkwardness descends when a period of longer than five minutes has passed without some mockery or mickeytaking.

I like to think that it’s not just creative industries run by professional clowns that experience this kind of face aching buzz, but I do hear of friends who work in sterile, quiet zone departments (and unfortunately we’re not talking about hospitals here) and surprise, surprise, they hate it.

Of course, there are limits to how far you push the ‘fun’ and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m the one who most often hears ‘yeah, you crossed the line there’ or ‘the line is a dot to you’. I’d still rather be on this side of the fence than the other.

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