Web Animation for Crowd Mortgage

Crowd Mortgage approached us to create a succinct web animation to explain the concept behind their finance mortgage platform.

Explainer Video, Video Production and Video Marketing

Crowd Flip Web Animation Script

We’ve all seen the headlines. Hmm.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were in the driving seat for once?

Crowd Mortgage is an online marketplace where savers lend
directly to people wanting a mortgage, putting you back in control.

Savers simply choose which borrowers they want to lend to and
place a bid for how much return they want for their investment.

Then out of the many savers that bid for each mortgage, the
lowest bids win, until the entire mortgage balance is made up.

This way, mortgage borrowers get the best deal and savers get a
competitive interest rate.

What’s more, we only accept high credit scoring clients with a
deposit and of course, funds are secured on the property.

This, along with our provision fund ensures investors are
protected from the very beginning.

Stay in for the long haul and we’ll review the rate each
year or simply sell your investment to another saver
and take your nest egg out.

No banks, middlemen or hidden fees. Just mortgages
the way they should be.

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