3D animated explainer video

We produced this 3D explainer video for Optalysys. The animation shows how this novel and highly advanced technology can propel computing power in certain applications.

Click the image below to play the animation.

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Animated video script

Moore’s law states that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 2 years. Proved true until recently, this has lead to increasingly faster clock speeds.

From F1 aerodynamics to predicting the weather, many industries have taken advantage of the increasing power of computers to simulate nature using Fourier Transforms.

But to simulate nature, you need a lot of computing power.

Accurate simulations require the computer to work out what each and every variable is doing at the same time. However, the computer can only process calculations one at a time. This is called serial processing.

Increasing the clock speed or adding more processors only speed up these calculations in small increments.

This also creates a new problem. Huge amounts of data that needs to be analysed.

Optalysys has a different approach.

Instead of calculating each variable one at a time, we take advantage of nature and use the way light waves interfere to calculate Fourier Transforms. This enables calculations to be done all at once, in parallel.

Optalysys works by shining light through a specialist liquid crystal. When the light enters, each light wave is slowed down by various amounts. As the light travels towards the sensor, the waves interfere with each other.

The light is then focused onto a sensor, creating a pattern. By encoding the light and recording the way the waves interfered, we have the final calculation, completed in real time.

What makes Optalysys so extraordinary is that calculations can be added without ever taking it out of the optical world and having to deal with the vast amounts of data produced.

One of the largest ever supercomputer simulations of airflow ran for 5 months. The results were still being analysed 6 years later. Optalysys can do these calculations in real time.

The possibilities are incredible and all this technology can be run from a normal household plug socket.

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