HR App Animated Video for Peepl

The latest in a series of animations for Peepl. This HR App animated video completes the set showing how Peepl can transform the way HR is managed within organisations.

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Peepl HR App Animated Video Script

So your company is growing (chorus sound).

And probably with it, your stress levels.

Trying to find talented people doesn’t come without the risks of bad hires and wasted money.

Unfortunately, ditching your spreadsheets and using something specialist can risk blowing the budget.

So we created a suite of beautifully simple products to help you manage the whole recruitment process.
peepl recruit helps you manage hiring, from attracting the right candidates to choosing just the right person.

peepl refer incentivises your team to find people they think would work best in the position, saving your company a chunk of money in the process.

And peepl reference helps you check that your candidates are who and what they say they are.
You can benefit from just one or all of our beautifully simple products working in sync dependant on where your business is right now.

Learn more about peepl’s applications by watching the individual videos or trial them for yourself for free.

Peepl. Beautifully simple HR applications.

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