Explainer Video Animation for Curveball Media

Yes, one of our early animations about our service. This explainer video animation feels very American now. Mainly due to our influences in starting the company being our friends over the water.

Explainer Video, Video Production and Video Marketing

Curveball Media Explainer Video Animation Script

OK, so you’ve noticed the elephant in the room ­and for
a while now you’ve been wondering “how do we get video
marketing to work for our company?”

Although more businesses than ever are producing corporate
videos, many find they are not getting the views they
had hoped for.

Wouldn’t it be better if you had an engaging video that was
driving customers to your business?

So why do some videos get seen, but most are buried in
the YouTube graveyard?

The short answer is that companies often employ a production
company for their filming, not their marketing skills.

Producing engaging content that delivers results is as
much about a strategy as it is about beautiful, well produced filming.

Here are three things to get you thinking along the right lines.

One, produce a video for the outcome you want, be that, gaining
more website visitors, building a subscriber base or converting
those nibbles into buying customers.

Two, get your video seen by researching keywords and writing a
compelling title and description.

Three, produce content that has high engagement,
meaning people want to watch it until the end. Google
will love you for this.

And four, get Billy from accounts to shoot some video.
He filmed your 2nd removed cousin’s wedding after all…

Or alternatively, call us.

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