SEO App Explainer Video for Yodelay

Yodelay was one of our very first animated videos. This SEO App explainer video helped Yodelay explain how their product can add value to their clients.

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Yodelay SEO App Explainer Video Script

We’ve all heard how important it is to have the right digital marketing strategy – in a competitive online market, it can be critical for success.

If you’re like most people, it’s easy to get lost in the never-ending list of things designed to improve your visibility on search engines and social networks.

One moment you’re blogging – then over to Twitter for a tweet or two, Facebook for posting, Pinterest for pinning, LinkedIn for networking…

And then, just as you think you’re getting somewhere, a new social platform is added to your stack of work.

With all this time spent getting searchable and sociable online – how can you tell which approach is actually delivering?

What if you could track the impact of everything you do online and see what’s having the greatest effect?…Imagine being able to plan your marketing around the things that are actually working!

Yodelay’s Search and Social Monitor App has been designed to do just that.

It gives business owners, marketing professionals and agencies plain, simple and actionable advice – so that you can be sure your online approach is effective.

We’ll monitor your rank in Google for the search terms your potential customers are using and show you in an easy to view visual timeline.

And using data from the three largest social measurement tools, we’ll also show you how your social influence scores are performing in real time – the higher the score, the better!

Then simply add action notes for the activities you are doing so that you can see easily and clearly what is having the greatest effect.

Plus if you’re an Evernote fan, we’ve got you covered – you can synchronise your marketing notes at the touch of a button.

And above all this – you’ll have access to the global community: our Crowd Sourced Digital Marketing Intelligence gives you insight into what’s working best for companies around the globe.

Anonymous data is collected from users, and shared back to the community through the knowledge base.

This information offers real-time intelligence about the strategies that are most effective in your field, sector and country.

Take the guess-work out of growing your business and download for free today – you can be up and running in less that a minute!

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