Taxing The Responsible: Association of British Insurers Case Study

One fine day, said the tax man to the film crew. We always welcome the chance to work with Third City PR. Teaming up to ...

23 Nov 2017

Tech Start Ups Are Nailing Video Strategy for SMES and Here’s How

And how SMEs can be reaping the benefits of Tech’s forays into video. Take these two guys. Five years ago, they get talking in a ...

19 Oct 2017

Duck when…you’re asked are you ‘hitting’ the right marketing targets?

64% of digital marketers aren’t convinced they are hitting the right target. Maybe because they grasp something fundamental: No one wants to be hit? According to Campaign last ...

3 Oct 2017

Who’d Want to be Data? Maligned, misunderstood, miffed!

If I were Data, I’d be feeling pretty grumpy round about now. Imagine growing up in a world where everyone’s expectations of you are super high. ...

30 Aug 2017