A-Zoo- giraffe animated gif

This week on A-Zoo – the animated gif zoo, we’re having a look at the longest animal in the world. The giraffe.

Giraffe from memory

Giraffe from memory

Giraffes are so long in the neck that in the olden days astronauts used to climb them to get to space. Giraffes aren’t actually that long, that’d be nuts (not like actual nuts though, they aren’t that long). The astronauts only really managed to get as high as Mount Kinabalu (4,095 metres), and only then because they used a step ladder for the last metre.

Due to their length (giraffes not astronauts), the birthing process takes about six weeks. The equivalent of your school summer holiday. It’s a right ol’ palaver and I could think of lots of better things to do in my time off.

Giraffes use their winding neck to propel them up to 60 mph across the African savannah (see GIF) and their fur creates an unique camouflaging pattern. This is extremely useful for hiding in bakeries amongst the tiger loafs. They sneak out at night and use their tongue to eat all the jam from the doughnuts and, of course, to avoid the tigers.

You’re probably wondering, ‘but if giraffe necks are that long, what do they do when they need to wear a scarf? Surely even one would take up the world supply of wool?’. Well, they live in Africa for starters and it’s flippin’ hot there; wear warm clothes and you’ll sweat like a cheese connoisseur in a cheese shop who’s just spied an entire WAGON WHEEL OF CAMEMBERT!

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Next week: as always, from memory I’ll be creating a Hermit Crab animated gif

by Jack Purling


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