A-Zoo – Bee animated gif (from memory)


Bee from memory

Welcome back to A-Zoo, a weekly segment where I impart my VAST knowledge of the animal kingdom to the social media generation through the power of GIF.

Next in the alphabet is B. And what better animal to represent B than an animal that’s name is quite literally B – the Bee.

All bees are notorious fans of the American Football team ‘The Pittsburgh Steelers’, whose colours (or ‘colors’ seeing as it’s American) are black and yellow. So they’ve painted their whole bodies accordingly.

Bees are most known for collecting pollen using their huge gnashers, and they use pollen to make their most famous product ‘wax’. Madam Tussauds’ museum owns the world’s biggest bee farm, churning out wax for its models 24 hours a day. Fun fact; the sticky mess known as ‘honey’ – a byproduct of wax – is often consumed by bears (they also begin with B) as a source of ‘food’.

A notable feature of bees is their famous knees. The idiom ‘the bee’s knees’ is often used to denote something brilliant and can be traced back to the 14th century when bees’ knees were a delicacy eaten by Kings and Lords. Unbeeelievable.

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Next week on A-Zoo a rather strange one, the Cockatoo animated gif

by Jack Purling



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