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It’s time for another session of A-Zoo, the animated gif zoo, this time I’ve tried to remember everything I know about King Penguin.

The key difference between Penguins and King Penguins is that King Penguins have a cool crown and get to sit on a throne of fish. Normal Penguins get bugger all because they weren’t smart enough to be born in the monarchy, immediately granting them ridiculous wealth for little in return.

king penguin from memory

King penguin from memory

The first king penguin was King *Wennk* I (*wennk* being the noise penguins make, we’re not actually sure what he was called, it could have easily been some sort of insult at everyone), succeeded by King *Wennk* II, who was succeeded by his son *Wennk* who became King *Wennk* III.

One of the most notorious penguin rulers is King *Wennk* VII. He led a long bloody war against the seal lord, Count *ARF* and his clan. The war lasted around 24 years, Antarctica was so red with blood that the explorers that came got confused thinking they had landed in Australia’s Simpson Desert (an area roughly 600 miles from the coast, so heaven knows how they would have managed that).

Of course, we can’t talk about king penguins without mentioning King *Wennk* XXI who *wennk* his *wennk* to *wennk**wennk**wennk**wennk* and *wennk**wennk* up the *wennk* which caused a dramatic *wennk**wennk**wennk*. A truly horrific act.

Never Forget.

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