A-Zoo – Long Eared Owl animated gif

We’re here once more for A-Zoo – the animated gif zoo. It’s time for another accurate* depiction of another animal. Today’s letter is L. Quick! Name the first animal that comes to your head when you think “L”.

Of course, yours and practically everyone in the world’s first though is the Long Eared Owl.


Long Eared Owl from memory

Like the Cockatoo, the owl is a bird, the owl however does not have the same appendages as the cockatoo. As the name suggests, Long Eared Owls are like normal owls but with long ears. They have, perhaps, the longest ears of any creature on Earth. You’d think that they’d use their ears to fly. That’d be stupid. Come on guys, think logically here, would you want all that wind in yer lug hole? Your eardrum would burst just flying over to Lidl.

Here we see a Long Eared Owl taunting an Indian Elephahahahahaomgthey’reridiculous…nt. Their big ears give them a sense of ruthless arrogance.

Their ears are so big that they can hear a small rodent fart over two miles away (WOW!) They then hustle over and eat the rodent.

The phrase “Wise Owl” comes from a particular owl that once won a Nobel Prize for some quantum mechanics. Most owls aren’t really that smart at all, I mean, you can’t be that smart if you’re going around, eating mice in the middle of the night, surely you’d know the kebab shop is open until 4am.

*no it isn’t

Coming up next week

Next week: something I have no idea how to draw a Mongoose animated gif

by Jack Purling

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