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Uh, this week on A-Zoo, I’m not really sure.

I tried really hard to think of an animal beginning with ‘M’. Someone suggested a Monkey, but I can’t really see how a monk unlocking a door had anything to do with animals, unless it was some sort of Monastery/Zoo. Could you imagine that? A little koala with a shaved noggin and robes. Fantastic.

Someone else suggested a Mongoose. I have like, no idea what that is, but I’m going to take an educated guess that it’s some sort of monochrome goose? So uh, I guess I’ll have to talk about geese and the olden days.


Mongoose from memory (?)

Geese, or as they’re known by their latin name ‘Honky donkey beak boys’, are basically ducks but with a bit of an attitude. Not like a cool ‘street’ attitude like a totes sick rapper or whatevs, but like of a ‘bit of a bastard’ attitude. You know how normal people keep pet birds? Well, Satan has a pet goose, you so much as look at a goose, it’ll mess you up back to last week. You thought Anteaters were bad? You clearly have never encountered these feathered devils.

The olden days began roughly 1820 just after a period of time known as History and ended around 1969. Everything during this time was in black and white and over 50 different shades of grey. The most famous person from the olden days was Queen Victoria, it’s often presumed the Victorian era was named because of her, but in truth the era was actually named after Victoria sponge cake.

Uh, so yeah, Mongoose, they were probably geese from the past, in monochrome.

(I’m sorry, this is poor even by my standards)

Coming up next week

Next week: from the lake in Scotland Nessie animated gif

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