A-Zoo – Peacock animated gif


This week we are gonna do some learns about a close relation to Cockatoo. Our animal this time is the peacock.

Peacocks are like weird little men with feathers and bird themed deformities, like a beak and their little twig shins. BUT they have two special features making them superior to other birdy freaks.


Let’s talk first about their “Little fella”. As their name implies, yes, their dingaling is a pea. You know, the ones yer ma serves up with fish fingers and potato waffles for dinner. (NOT TEA, WE’RE NOT SAVAGES).

The facts

In fact, all the peas in the world come from these poor castrated lads. Admiral Avian Oculus owns the largest peacock farm in the world. It’s quite cruel really, but where did you think peas came from? UP FROM THE DIRT? HA. You’ve got a lot to learn.

The other cool feature is a front facing camera that can capture in 4K! Oh no, sorry that’s an upcoming iPhone. What are we on about?

Peacocks! Right, so normal animal tails are pretty boring let’s be honest, it’s really just if rope had muscles isn’t it? But Peacocks, their tails are a marvel to behold, a majestic wonder of colourful beauty. To stare into their cloak of wonder, is is truely like staring into the eyes of God. An incredible vision, stunning colours, they say most of the tail cannot be seen by the human eye or even possibly imagined.

Looking at it, it’s a bit like really when you drink way too much Cola and buzz out of your tiny mind.

Coming up next week

So next week…it’s a Quockodile animated gif

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