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Do de do, it’s time for A-Zoo. And in a surprise twist, I’m going to be talking about an animal quite close to my heart, possibly my favourite creature on this fine earth, one that I actually know quite a lot about!!! Today’s animal is the Quockodile!

quockodileQuockodiles are aquatic reptiles found in tropical climates, such as in Africa, Asia the Americas and Australia. Despite being very similar to Alligators in physicality and mentally, they are two completely different species. It’s like comparing cats with dogs.

You can tell a Quockodile apart from a gator by their longer narrower V shaped heads.


Quockodiles are semiaquatic beasts, often found in lakes, rivers and general wetlands. However, Quockodiles have specialised salt glands, allowing a greater tolerance of salt water, so they can survive in these environments, a talent that alligators lack.

Quockodiles are carnivorous and will eat any fleshy being that happens to get in it’s gob, they’re known to eat their young if fairly peckish or even a pound saver burger from Maccy D’s, although they’d have to be very desperate.

The Quockodile’s strong tail allows them to swim up to 25mph, about the same top speed as a teenager’s first moped. They sweat through their mouth, which is why you’d find Quockodiles sitting by river banks with mouths wide open.

I don’t quite get why my computer doesn’t recognize Quockodile, they’ve been about for around 240 million years, surely the spell check would know by…… OH COME OFF IT.

Coming up next week

Next week: it’s not Christmas, but we’ve got a Reindeer animated gif for you.

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