A-Zoo – Reindeer animated gif

It’s late June so what better time to have a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL A-ZOO

This week on A-ZOO we’re going to look at Reindeers.
reindeer animated
Reindeers are basically big dogs with wrong horns. Traditional horns just jab straight out, but Reindeers have ones that go all over the place, it’s a proper palaver so always make sure to wear eye protection whenever wrestling a Reindeer, just incase you get jabbed in yer peepers.


Reindeers are used around Santa’s place up north for all the heavy lift and general lugging stuff about. Santa gets around slavery loopholes by using animals and elves, they really need an elven Abraham Lincoln or something.

I don’t know if you noticed but Reindeers are hardly aerodynamic and lack wings, so how do they prance about the sky Xmas Eve?


Fun fact, the luminous noses they have to light up the night sky can also be fitted in any bayonet cap light bulb socket.

by Jack Purling


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