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I’m a great fan of animation, this being fairly obvious considering my line of work (as an animator). I’m also a keen nature programme viewer; they’re a wealth of knowledge on the natural world around us.

It’s a shame kids today can’t find the time from curating emojis and selfies to watch these. To be fair, an hour is a long ol’ time to listen to some geezer droning on about lions absolutely wrecking a gazelle.

So I’m going to provide a service to you, the social media generation. Come back here every week to learn about a different animal, through the power of GIF.

I’ll be honest, I’m fairly busy so don’t have time to research these in depth to know minor details like Latin names and accurate biological facts. But I have binge watched the entire series of Planet Earth on Netflix so I’m pretty much the next David Attenborough AND prettier.

Let’s get on it then. Welcome to A-Zoo. The alphabetic GIF zoo.


Anteater from memory

Anteater from memory

This hulking beast is the Anteater. It uses it’s gargantuan snout to devour defenceless ants. It’s sticky tongue, over 50 miles long, a useful device to trap the little buggers. On average, it consumes 1000 trillion ants an hour (luckily ants reproduce like mad). BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH, it hungers for human souls.

Good thing it lives literally in the middle of nowhere, but if you happen to come across one, I can only pray you know Kung Fu and can swiftly tie it’s long gob in a knot. It’s the only way to stop it.

There was this one time, Adam Ant from that band Adam and the Ants went hiking through the wilderness deep in South America, unaware he was right in the middle of Anteater territory. He went missing for almost 16 years. He never talks about what happened during his time there, whenever it’s mentioned he just weeps and sweats profusely.

Coming up next week

Next week, we’ll have a look at B. As in a Bee animated gif (from memory)

by Jack Purling

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