About us

We each live and breathe our little corner of production.

If you’ve ever waited for a post-credits scene, then you’ve experienced the seemingly endless list of names as the credits roll.

This, above all else, is what we love most about video. How it brings together so many talented people, each with their own discipline, all pulling in the same direction. It’s both thrilling and challenging and shows just how rich video is.

Because to make something exceptional means every part of it must be exceptional – from script to sound.

Est. 2012

We’ve produced video for over a decade, for all kinds of clients, in every industry imaginable, but we never stop learning.

The narrative journey of the script. How the visuals beautifully explain. Where the animation draws the eye. The punctuation points of the sound design. The experience of your viewer on different channels. All of it. Every single part needs to be spot on.

Because that’s what makes something truly engaging.

Award winning

We get immense joy when our clients release their animation or film into the world and we learn of the feedback. And even more joy when we win an award.

We’re very honoured to have won a Gold and Bronze at the Telly Awards and a CIPR Excellence Award.

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Meet the team

Everyone at Curveball has their own discipline. With every project, each person brings their specialism to the table. We add layers of expertise, challenge assumptions and push the creative to deliver more, and better.

When we’re not working on client projects, we’re tinkering with a pet project. We just love what we do.