About Us

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This is the story of how we came to be.

It’s beautiful when two people meet who have the same vision. Daniel came from a background in TV and Olly worked his way up the corporate ladder, but what they both had in common was a joint loathing towards the plethora of videos popping up all other the web that simply didn’t ‘work’.

5 minute website video? Sure thing. Conference video? Fine, where’s your cheque book? We wondered why the production company wasn’t advising clients against creating videos that could harm their brand? Plumbers are quick to give you advice, so too with Tailors, and closer to home – advertising agencies do too. So what was happening?

The answer came in understanding just how rich a form of media video is. It takes many different specialists to really craft something successful. So where advertising agencies have specialists for each aspect of a project – from concept development and scripting to visual language and animation/cinematography, most video production companies often only have one core skill – technical ability.

And whilst technical skills can create beautiful looking content, without the other core skills, it’s often built on shaky ground. It was in this realisation that Curveball was born.

We set about developing a team of specialists in each core area and a robust system that pulls it all together. A team who could really understand what a brand is trying to achieve and advise our clients on the best way to translate it to video, be that an animated explainer video, animated GIF or video production.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve picked apart hundreds of videos to understand what made them successful, and more importantly, unsuccessful. We read a lot of books, studies, articles about psychology, behavioural science and data analysis and we’ve had some great clients who were willing to let us lead the creative and use our knowledge to craft their video campaigns.

One job’s success led to another and Curveball attracted bigger and more challenging clients; from big corporates like Volvo, TfL and O2 to charities like the Salvation Army. When our animation for Third City’s client – The Wellcome Trust – was shown by Bill Gates at Davos and attracted over 150 million in funding, we knew our approach could be applied with success to any sector. To date, we’re proud to have achieved over 50 million views for our clients.

Every day is hugely enjoyable, intriguing and exciting ride for the team; from researching the latest in behavioural science to getting our teeth into new projects and making them ‘work’ for our clients, be that brand awareness, website conversions or changing public opinion.

The best part is, it never stops.

Technology is continually opening up new avenues to explore and research and every day is an adventure.

Oh. And one more thing. Trees. We love trees and the carbon they absorb and the oxygen they give out. It’s really helpful for every living thing on the planet. And even though we don’t make physical products, we still use energy and resources that emit carbon into the air, making the Earth hotter and harder to live and breathe in. Not good. So we signed up to Tree Nation, who plant trees every month for every employee we have and every video we make. Because we want to be carbon negative – taking more carbon out of the air than we put in. Because, you know, there is no planet B.