Animated Business Video for Account Agility

Let’s face it. Finance can be a dry subject, so when Account Agility approached us to create a lighthearted, engaging animated business video, we jumped at the opportunity.

Account Agility Animated Business Video Script

It goes without saying that financial planning should be
at the heart of any business decision.

It’s your window into the future after all.

Although more often than not, inflexible systems make it a
challenge to give the business accurate insights on demand.

ORYX Plan simplifies your planning process, and gives you
the flexibility and control to adapt to change
quickly – like navigating differences in regional businesses
or reacting to volatility in exchange rates.

Easy to set-up and integrated with your current systems,
ORYX Plan can be customised for your specific processes –
allowing teams from any part of the organisation to collaborate
and structure their activities.

Together, you can then explore your data in a way that suits you.

Drill down into data views.

Analyse your data from all angles.

Or run what-if scenarios on demand.

All whilst maintaining complete traceability and version control.

With ORYX Plan, you’ll become a true partner to your business
with better insights, greater detail, and in record time, ensuring
financial planning drives business decisions.ORYX Plan. Agility at
the speed you need.To find out more, get in touch

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