Explainer styles & approaches

Every project has its unique challenge and every brand has its guidelines. You’ll also have your own tastes when it comes to style and approach for your explainer video. And of course, there’s the budget to consider.

To help you hone in on the best approach for your project, we’ve included different styles and approaches we can employ – like 2D animated explainers, brand videos, text-led motion graphics, 3D computer animation and animated infographics.

2D animated explainers

2D animated explainers with a strong narrative and clear visuals get across your message in a succinct, easy-to-understand way. They can help the complex be understood, spark public debate, shift company culture and sell products or services.

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Motion graphics

Motion graphics explainers are text-led. They can be with or without voice-over, but the story is also primarily told through bold on-screen text. Where VO only explainers struggle on social, text-led motion graphics explainers excel because they don’t rely on sound. That being said, they’re more suited to short, succinct lines of text, so not your best option for a message that’s hard to explain.

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3D computer animation

There are two main reasons for using 3D computer animation. One, because using 2D simply doesn’t do the project justice – like showing a product in all its glory. And two, because you want to bring something visually different and distinguishing to the table. 3D can be all or simply part of an explainer. And even combined with 2D.

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Brand stories

A brand story is your first meet and greet with your audience. It’s a window into what makes you tick. A good brand video will resonate with your audience, get them excited to get involved with you and leave no doubt as to what you’re all about.

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Animated infographics

Animated infographics aren’t quite the same as their cousin – the static infographic. They are used to get across stats in interesting ways, but there’s also a story element too. We want to engage the viewer in a narrative that makes the stats meaningful.

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Video production

Unless you’re a brand all about people, video production might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of explainer videos, but it’s worth pausing for thought. Because film can add a whole new dimension. That said, film is also a powerful medium on its own for reaching audiences through TV or cinema.

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