Ducks don’t wear nappies. Neither should video campaigns.

So you’ve been tasked with doing a video campaign. Seeing ROI. You bring in an agency, and decide on an animated explainer videoYour company has x, y and z to convey; and your department head needs the campaign to up conversion rates by x amount (or top some metric amount they’ve pulled out the top of a hat – oops, I mean a database – somewhere). You’re the only one who is thinking, um, doesn’t this also need to be engaging? Doesn’t the viewer need to want to watch it?

explainer video ROI

And there’s the rub. Video is not ALL about ROI. No matter how many people in the room say it is.

What it is all about is engagement.

If it engages the people you need it to be engaging, then ROI simply follows, as sure as switching on CBBC for a squalling room of 4-year-olds. Engagement = Result.

Only how the heck are you supposed to secure ‘engagement’ when Sally in accounts needs it to say a, b and c (and d – yes, definitely, d too)? And Eric in Sales needs it to fly with Jeremy from Malaya and Warren in Dubai.

This is turning into a poisoned chalice. Dare I go so far as to say a soiled nappy? So you head upstairs to the decision makers with said soiled nappy, knowing full well it is a soiled nappy. And there they all are pointing and staring at the nappy complimenting it on how full it is. That’s inevitably when someone starts guesstimating the R word: ROI.

But what they’re missing, and only you can help them see is this

What you’re really doing is working to get information from the business into the heads of the customer.

And to get anything into the mind of someone else, it has to do these three things:

  1. Does it speak to their self-interest?
  2. How does it solve their problem? The problem they have now?
  3. And how can they recount that to their people in a way that they, in turn, can process?

What a good video production company gets is ‘engagement’ around a film or animation campaign. They’ve worked with enough clients across enough verticals and audiences to have honed the formula for success. As with all mediums, be that a play or a novel or a poem, there is a reason why people respond to a particular medium in the way they do. There is a structure, a set of principles, a science.

An animated explainer video works as effectively as it does because…

it stimulates people’s senses to take on board what they’re being shown and what they’re hearing. Paired together, the content resonates and sticks with them.

Throwing in a, b, c, d, x, y, z, Jeremy and Warren, isn’t going to work. What you need to figure out, in effect, is who you need to be engaging? What’s going to resonate with them most? For them, b, d and x will suffice. Then that’s all that should go in. You can drop the rest of the alphabet.

This is the most valuable return on investment (ROI) that an animation/film video production company brings to the table. They work with you to get to b, d and x. Because that’s what animation is all about. Getting to the essence of genuine engagement.

Curveball Nicola

Nicola worked in digital marketing in-house for big-name publishing companies for 20 years (Amazon, Bloomsbury, BCA). She came to work for Curveball Media, after becoming a convert to video, and advises clients on strategy and approach.

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