Animated explainers

Your animated explainer video needs to do more than just explain.

So together we discover the story that inspires your audience to act – read more, request a demo, download a report, spark a conversation.

Explainer case studies

Explainer case studies

Award-winning stories in industries across the board
– SaaS, fintech, charities, retail, education, hr/recruitment and healthcare.

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"Curveball's strategic approach to communications has been a revelation to us and has helped us achieve more than we could imagine with animation video."

Leonora Eckley, mmi-analytics

Types of animated explainers

Video animation production comes in many flavours – brand stories, animated infographics, 2D or 3D computer animation, motion graphics and video production.

In their own right, they are all effective tools. But some are more effective than others depending on where and how you plan to use them.

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Explainers with purpose

Animated explainers can launch products and services, spark conversations, sway public opinion, or shift company culture. But to do so, they must engage your audience. And that means really getting to grips with what you what to communicate and more importantly, what will resonate with your audience.

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"The Curveball team was able to immerse themselves in the complexities of our solution and bring it to life in an engaging way. The team is genuinely interested in elevating unique value propositions and building these into engaging stories through video. They were communicative, accommodating and respectful of our business processes which enabled us to meet tight deadlines and turn around a strong final product."

Joy Barone, Quantexa

Rock-solid animated explainer production process

With our rock-solid process, you’ll always know what to expect and when. It’s a collaboration. We work with you as if you’re one of the team. You know your brand, audience and message. Our job is to bring your message to life.

Typically, the video animation process takes around 6-10 weeks.

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Optimum explainer length

60-90 seconds is the optimum length for an explainer. That’s a mere 200-word script. Our goal isn’t to give the detail, we want to inspire your audience into action
– click, like, share.

That means we need to understand what will resonate with them most and how best to communicate with them.

Placement matters

Your target audience will engage with your animated explainer differently depending on where they watching.

A 60-90 second explainer will convert more website visitors, whereas for social, bite-sized content creates more engagement. And at trade shows, something that catches the eye whenever they walk by.

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Go further with video production

It’s worth considering if video production can add value to your explainer video.

Animated informational videos can convey just as much emotion and storytelling as film, but combining the two can create an exceptional level of engagement, especially if you’re a brand all about people.

This might take the form of video production with 2D or 3D animation segments, animation overlay or even animation integrated into film scenes. It all comes down to your brief and what we’re looking to communicate.

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Explainer Video FAQs

We’re sure you have lots of questions you might want to answer first, like “What should I include in the brief?”, “What’s the process?”, “How much do explainer videos cost?” and “How many amends do I get?”

If so, we’ve got just the page for you.

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