Animated Gif – Z is for Zebra…

I can’t believe we’re finally here, we’re at the end of our animated gif adventure. We’ve examined all the animals in the world. I hope you’ve found it highly educational, maybe inspired you to follow your dreams to becoming a zoologist or something. (I can’t/won’t take any responsibility if for some reason you’re laughed out of zoology club).

So for one final time, let’s jump into A-Zoo.

Of Course now we’re at Z, there’s really one animal we could do.

Without a doubt, that animal is 



That’s right. 

Zebra Shark.


Zebra Sharks gallop across the vast waters of the African plains. Look at them magnificent horse-like thighs. These are used to ROCKET the Zebra Shark through the water at speeds of up to 20 KPH (or 12.4 MPH if you’re some sort of imperial weirdo).

They usually have communication issues as “Neighs” underwater are fairly distorted, try talking to your sweet mother about your day with yer head in the sink. Tricky isn’t it? The water muffles it all up.

Because of this Zebra Sharks opt to communicating using a nokia in a water-tight ziplock bag. Pretty Nifty trick.

Notice how the body is completely covered in a barcode? Zebra sharks are pioneers in food packaging waste. If other animals, such as the Lion Shark or Hyena Shark are going to eat them, why not do away with the packaging and just evolve with a shop barcode right on their skin. Oranges tried to copy this concept, but as no one really wanted to eat a black and white orange, they opted for those stickers instead.

Despite being prey for some top predators, Zebra Sharks have a top advantage over boring ol’ naff regular sharks. HOOVES. Hooves are basically like, if instead of a foot you had a single massive hard toe nail. Have you ever been kicked in the face by a normal shark? HAHA unlikely. This is what makes Zebra Sharks the superior animal.

Having hooves are like an instant one up on everything. For starters you don’t have to fork out £200 for a pair of Doc Martins. Secondly they CLOP. Walking down the street, clipping and clopping, it’s magnificent.


Yeah Zebra Sharks are pretty flippin’ top notch.

Right it’s done.

Let’s never speak of this again.

by Jack Purling


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