Animated GIFs for social media and editorial

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Animated GIFs will help your social media, editorial and cornerstone content be much more attractive, engaging and shareable. Because adding motion to an illustration or graphic makes it stand out from the crowd and a richer and deeper sensory experience for your audience.

That’s why people find animated GIFs more attractive, more engaging and more valuable. And we know they work. Using animated GIFs helped us increase our Average Time on Page by 200%.

Social Media GIF Packs

Designed to make your social media posts stand out, entice and engage people, and for social campaigns in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform. We can also create GIFs from any existing animation we’ve created for you, for use in social media. Drop us a line, and tell us what you need.

Social GIFs in desktop app.

Social GIFs in mobile apps e.g. Facebook and Instagram.

Editorial GIF Packs

Editorial GIFs are designed to make your editorial and cornerstone content stand out – way above and beyond the norm – making it exceptionally attractive and engaging. Drop us a line, and tell us what you need.

Editorial GIF in desktop browser.

How much do animated GIFs cost?

The sixty-four million dollar question. The answer to which is the classic… it depends on each client’s content strategy and calendar. Some just use them in social media while others use them in each and every piece of content they publish from editorial to cornerstone content, blogs and social posts.

The best way of finding out is to drop us a line and tell us about your project: how GIFs will help you achieve your content marketing goals, who you are targeting, when and where. Knowing things like that means we can figure out what you need and how much it will cost.

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What’s the process?

It starts with a simple conversation. We want to know what you’d like to achieve and who you’re trying to target, where and when. Then we develop a concept for the animated GIF, a visual style (based on your branding), followed by the final illustration and animated GIF.

You’re involved every step of the way. Because you know your brand, your audience and your campaign. And we know how to create GIFs that stand out and engage people. Drop us a line and tell us about your project. Then we can give you an idea of what kind of GIFs will work best for you and a quote.

Can you create a GIF in any style?

Yes. We create GIFs based on your branding – just the same as we do when creating animated explainer videos. It could be simple, bold and graphical, or an elegant illustration, textured and tactile. It could be photo-realistic, abstract, contemporary, pastiche, mixed media, 2D or 3D. What matters is that it mirrors your brand and brings it to life.

What about return on investment?

If you want more brand awareness and better engagement then – just like animated explainer videos and other types of video production – animated GIFs have to enhance and enrich your content. By definition, this means they cannot be a gimmick or simply add a bit of bright flashing movement to your content. That won’t do at all.

No. To add real value, GIFs need to complement your content. Add extra meaning to it. Encapsulate its essence and enable someone to get the gist of your message in a split second, like a good book cover or film poster (some of which have become icons in their own right).

See how we achieved a 200% increase in Average Time Spent on page using an umbrella GIF!

How long should a GIF be and how many should we use?

It depends on the nature of the GIF, and what you need it to achieve. How many you use should be informed by your brand and marketing strategy, your content calendar and what role the GIFs are playing in your website content and social media posts. If you’re publishing a one-off guide for use in a lead generation campaign, for example, then you may only need one or two animated GIFs to support that.

Whereas, if you’re publishing an ongoing series of articles – or a short run of articles around a similar theme – it makes sense to enhance them with illustrations and animated GIFs that have a similar theme because that will make everything consistent.

What’s the difference between animated GIFs and illustrated GIFs?

Nothing. Nada. Ingenting*. They’re just different names for the same thing. They both refer to an illustration, graphic or some other piece of artwork that has been animated to some degree. *Ingenting means nothing in Norwegian – literally “no thing” – just in case you were wondering.

Where can I see some examples in-situ?

Here! On our social media profiles: