Refract: Animated video marketing

Refract approached us to produce an animation for their website and to be used as an animated video marketing campaign. It was important not to date the animation, so we took the approach of using analogies and metaphors.

Animated Video Marketing

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Refract HR Technology Animation Script

We all get it, frequent coaching and informal learning is important.
But delivering and receiving feedback doesn’t sit well with
everyone, even if it’s praise.

And it becomes even trickier if it’s been awhile since the event,
distorted memories make it more of a surprise than a reflection.

That’s why we created Refract – to Observe, Reflect and Improve.
Refract enables events to be recorded or uploaded and key
moments tagged, helping your managers and coaches to review
and reflect with team members.

Customised tags and comments can be added to a video or audio
timeline, live or retrospectively.

Each video can then be reviewed, skipping between tagged
moments and providing the platform for praise, ideas or corrective

Tagged moments can be scored too, creating a development
snapshot for individuals and allowing for measurement and

With our analytics you’ll have an overview of your organisational
strengths and weaknesses, highlighting differences between
groups and teams and allowing you to tailor learning plans

Refract – both online and via our apps.

Observe. Reflect. Improve.

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