Explainer video production prices

How much an explainer video costs is a combination of your brief and expectations. Simple, iconography based animated explainers will differ greatly from those that employ video production or 3D computer animation.

The best way of reaching a budget that will ensure your explainer video meets your expectations is to show examples you love (and those you love less).

Explainer video length

Time is money and it takes more time to create a longer explainer video. There’s a temptation to want to “get your money’s worth” by making it longer, but the stats are not on your side. 33% of viewers will stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% by one minute, and 60% by two minutes.

That’s because people click on explainer videos to get a snapshot. It’s quicker and easier than reading your copy. What they don’t want is an all-out tour of your product or service (that comes later). The ideal length to aim for is 60 seconds (140-word script).

Of course, not every message can be communicated in 60 seconds, but why pay more when you can get both more bang for your buck and produce better outcomes with a shorter video?

Social cuts from your explainer video

Social cuts from your explainer video

Sure you can use your explainer video on social. They aren’t exactly the cheapest things to make, so it stands to reason you’d want to get the most value from it. But hold your horses for a wee second.

Simply putting your explainer video on social isn’t considering how people engage with videos on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram.

There are three additional aspects you’ll want to think about; aspect ratio, sound and length. Luckily, explainer videos lend themselves very well to being adapted for social. Through our discovery call, we’ll ask you how you want to use your video and factor adaptions into the budget, like creating Social Hooks.

Other factors that impact cost

There are so many wonderful tools at our disposal when communicating with explainer videos. 2D animation is fairly typical in our industry, but using photography, video production or even a celebrity voice-over can all add enormous value to your production and distinguish you from the competition.

You may also want to consider translating your video to expand in new markets. We offer a full translation service, including voice-over and on-screen text.