Animation and video production prices

We get it. As a client, you want a quote and to know how we calculate explainer video costs – e.g. per day, hour or second – and what our animation and video production prices include and exclude – script, sound etc. – and most importantly, whether we can make the type of animation or film you want for your budget.

While it’s true the cost of making an explainer video – animated or otherwise – an animated GIF or any other type of video production depends on a lot of different factors like the style, the format (film or animation), the length, voiceover, sound effects and music etc, most of the time clients simply want us – the video production company – to advise them on what would work best for their specific project. In other words, getting to an accurate price involves having a conversation about ideas, options, goals, budgets and expectations.

But not all clients have a budget to start with and it’s OK if you don’t. Some have no idea of what explainer animations cost – others do, and are shopping around looking for a quote or a ballpark figure based on their brief. Fair enough.

And that’s where our Video Price Guide will help. It explains our three price categories – with examples for each – and has more detail on our process and lead times. And if you see any examples of videos you like on our site or somewhere else on the web, please let us know, because then we can give you an idea of what it might cost to make.

Examples of explainer animations and other video productions