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So, how much does an animated explainer video cost, and what do our animation and video production prices include? E.g. research, concepts, script, storyboards, voice over, sound effects, music, images, photography, animation/filming, editing, changes, teasers, social media edits, animated GIFs etc. Are they included or not? But, most importantly, you want to know if we can make the type of animation or video production for your budget.

While it’s true the cost of making an explainer video can be influenced by many different things, most of the time clients simply want us – the video production company – to advise them on what approach would work best for their specific project and how much it will cost. They care more about the effectiveness of the concept and approach, than whether it’s 2D or 3D animation or film for example.

And the best way of getting to an accurate cost is by having a conversation with us. We need to understand your goal and your expectations to calculate a cost. We don’t make anything off-the-shelf. Your video will be bespoke and unique to your brand, strategy, audience and objective.

Some clients come to us with a cost in mind, but not all. And it’s OK if you don’t. Some have no idea of what explainer videos cost or how animation and video production prices are calculated. Others do, and are shopping around looking for a quote or a ballpark figure based on their brief. Fair enough.

And that’s where our Video Price Guide will help. It includes examples of our work along with our animation and video production prices. And along with costs, you’ll also get an idea of the rock solid process we use to create successful videos.

And if you see any videos you like on our site, or somewhere else on the web, please let us know and we can give you an idea of cost. Our video FAQs page also has more answers to other popular questions about animation and video production – give them a whirl.

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