Animation Campaigns

When creating a suite of animations, each video needs to feel like part of the brand family and be consistent not just in the language of the script, but in the language of the visuals and motion too.


Heathrow commissioned us to create a series of how-to videos, helping to reduce the number of questions directed towards Heathrow staff and increase customer satisfaction.

Chartered Institute of Physiotherapy

CSP reached out to Curveball to help them design a series of animations aimed at changing public perception and attitutes towards exercise. One animation also focuses on changing the habits of physiotherapists themselves and how they interact with their clients.


IRIS are developing a whole campaign of videos with Curveball aimed at helping customers transition to a digital way of working. The animations keep a light tone and are slightly playful in nature to mirror their brand.


Willis Towers Watson’s Affinity Platform has been redesigned from the ground up. Our job was to create a suite of animations to both help convert new clients and help existing clients make the most of the changes.


Yonda approached Curveball with two goals in mind: advertising their new service and helping customers stay safe on the road. We produced a social advert and how-to in combination.

YoYo Wallet

YoYo Wallet needed several animations to help explain to cashiers how to use their software. Using live action footage and animation sequences, these how-tos talk cashiers through various scenarios.