Animated explainer videos by industry

No two brands are the same. Every audience is different. That’s why our design team will work with you to develop a visual style and message that’s tailor-made for your brand, your objective and your audience.

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Tech / Digital

Explainer videos have been a Godsend for software companies, helping to convey the benefits of complicated, feature-rich products. Whilst the animation style will differ greatly depending on the brand, the script should always succinct and focus on the benefits that are most likely to excite viewers.

Public Relations

Using an animated video can be very effective when launching a public relations campaign. They are particularly interesting pieces to work on as they involve more than the average look at the psychology of the audience. The goal is to create an intent that supplements the wider campaign.


Animated explainer videos for the finance sector tend to be on the technical side, but with the right visual style, they can communicate complex messages effectively. We don’t spell out every detail of the product in the video though and rather the aim to excite the viewer, but leave them with unanswered questions. This is a powerful motivator to contact you.


Charities tend to be a little more relaxed with their brand guidelines, allowing us to push the boundaries of what’s possible. Although illustrative style plays a key role in how an animation is received, the script is vital in conveying an often complex and multilayered message.


OK, we haven’t gone mad at the end here, ‘how-to’ clearly isn’t an industry, but it’s worth adding as a section of its own. As it says on the tin, how-to animations simply explain a process to the viewer. These are useful for brands who want to either reduce customer service calls from clients or want to add value to their existing customer base.

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