Animation examples and styles

No two brands are the same. Every audience is different. That’s why our design team will work with you to develop a visual style that’s tailor-made for your brand, your objective and your audience.

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Clean & Simple

One of the most effective ways to use animation to communicate a concept, especially if it is complicated, is to create a clean and simple illustrative style. Instead of showing oodles of detail, we show just the key elements most relevant to the viewer. For software companies, this has the added benefit of making a platform look simple and easy to use.



Rich and emotive

Using extra detail and textures can really help deliver a more emotive story. For PR companies, this is a great illustrative approach to compliment a script which needs to deliver a punch and sway public opinion. Extra detail in the illustrations adds a layer which helps to bring the viewer into more of an emotionally receptive state.



Mixed media

Mixed media simply means using design techniques in combination. The vast majority of animations use only one form of media, illustrations. However, by combining illustrations with film footage or photography, you can deliver a very interesting and unique video. This helps increase viewer engagement and ups the production value/perception of your brand.




Some brand guidelines have a strong emphasis on icons. In these cases, we usually recommend an iconography based approach. This can help create a familiar feel for the video in relation to other brand assets. Using iconography also works well for brands who prefer a more literal approach for their animation.




3D can add a lot of value to an animation, although due to its relative cost, we only usually recommend 3D where 2D doesn’t quite cut it, or we want to give the animation added value. It’s also worth making a distinction between 2.5D and 3D, with 2.5D using flat illustrations in a 3D environment.




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