Animated Explainer Video Production & Commercials

An animated explainer video or commercial has become the new way to promote your business. In reality, it’s just one of the many tools available to marketers. An explainer video is just one way you can use video to supplement other marketing efforts.

Whilst there’s lots of overlap, we largely define video into two camps based on what it needs to achieve – conversion tool (explainer video) or advert (commercial). The former is focused on potential customers who are actively seeking more information and the latter is about reaching people through social campaigns when they are likely to be in a very different frame of mind.

How we work with you to create animated explainer videos & commercials

At Curveball, we help you define a brief that delivers a strategic solution in a creative wrapper. An animated explainer video or commercial needs to do more than just engage, it needs a strong message as it’s core which has been designed based on the psychology of the viewer. Essentially, how are we solving their challenge or realising their opportunity? The most amazing video might wow people, but if it doesn’t have a strong script and storyboard at its heart, it is likely to ultimately fail to deliver.As part of our animation production service, we spend time understanding your brand, your customers and service. Armed with this knowledge, we create an explainer video or commercial that engages your viewers and prompts them to take action. We do this through 7 key milestones, each of which has been designed to keep you firmly in control and everyone involved onside. Request our guide for more information.

Our animated explainer video and commercial production team in the UK craft content for apps, complicated products and businesses that just need an engaging video for their website home page. Browse our examples below and give us a call to see how we can make video marketing work for your business. If you are interested in how video production and animation can be combined, click on the ‘film with animation’ tab below. You might also want to check out our examples of animated infographics.