Banking Technology Animated Video

The Atoma brief required us to concept an animated video which spoke to a technical audience, distilling complex processes into a journey which proves the benefits.

Atoma Animated Video Script

The banking landscape is changing rapidly.

To stay ahead, banks must continuously update
and renovate their systems with the latest
software releases.

The trouble is, this continual process consumes
valuable resources and precious time.That’s why
Atoma engineers have designed software to automate
the entire process – so you can enjoy the pleasure
of going live…without the pain.

Designed exclusively for use on the Temenos core
banking platform, our suites deliver up to 90%
reduction in effort and the ability to test
more than 5 times faster – maximising defect
removal and dramatically driving down the cost
of ownership.

Our TestIntelligence™ Suite means you can generate
detailed test scenarios, simply by recording a
user’s actions.These can then be employed in manual
testing, or fully automated for functional, performance
and regression testing.

Our ReleaseIntelligence Suite is a powerful platform
for managing change, deploying releases, monitoring
environments with full audit, security and reporting.

Atoma, helping banks go live – and stay live

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