Quirky Character Animation – Pregnancy Video, Baby Centre

Baby Centre contacted us to produce a quirky character animation to explain what you should avoid during pregnancy.

Baby Centre Quirky Character Animation Script

In your first few months of pregnancy, hormones flood your body.
Your baby is still tiny but already your body is changing. Your
breasts start to swell and may feel tender. Tiredness, nausea and
frequent trips to the loo are common pregnancy symptoms.

In your second trimester, your rapidly growing uterus gradually
rises up out of your pelvis. You’ll start to feel the first flutters of
your baby’s movements and an obvious bump will be showing
by mid-pregnancy.

In the third trimester your growing baby pushes your intestines
and stomach up. That’s why you might be feeling breathless and
heartburn is a common problem too.

Your bladder is also under pressure. You’ll be making more trips
to the bathroom, even more so when your baby’s head engages
ready for the birth.

These symptoms will go after your baby is born. But your uterus
can take up to two months to shrink back to its normal size and

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