CEPI Case Study | #OutsmartEpidemics | Animated Video


CEPI are a new partnership organisation focused on stopping future epidemics by developing new vaccines for a safer world.

Objective of the video:

To create a compelling animation which highlights the risk of epidemics and the opportunity in coming together to create vaccines.




3D, 2D animation, cell animation



+ Showcased at Davos where CEPI achieved $200 million extra to their cause.
+ 3 million views across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in one week.
+ Well received by both internal stakeholders & partners, including spontaneous congratulations.


Together with the client, we explored the audience’s mindset towards the issue, from the perspective of the public and the views of high level strategic thinkers, including scientists familiar with the subject. With two diametrically-opposed audiences, it was important to encompass both the emotive and logical reasons for action. Our approach focused on delivering the message through a logic strategy, letting the facts do the talking; the premise being we have the ability to tackle epidemics, we just need to come together to act. That established, creative work could begin.

With intelligence and not sentiment at the forefront of our thinking, our core message centered around ‘outsmarting epidemics’, which became the cornerstone of the campaign. It was important not to sensationalise; instead, using the facts to tell a story. The script opened with a real life individual example of an epidemic’s beginnings (ebola), moving through a generalist explanation of how disease can spread easily in the modern world (highlighting how the issue is relevant to us all), and ending with a call to arms (“coming together to outsmart epidemics”).

“It launched less than a week ago (at Davos) but has already performed better (reach, engagement impact) than anything we’ve done before.”

Louisa Tribe, Wellcome Trust.

““They hit deadlines, add honest and useful consultancy and are far more creative than similar agencies. The final executions are beautiful too.”

Chris Blackwood, Third City.

CEPI Case Study #OutsmartEpidemics Animated Video Production

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