#OutsmartEpidemics – CEPI Emotive Explainer Video

We’ve been truly honoured to be part of such an amazing and worthwhile project #OutsmartEpidemics, an emotive explainer video.

Working closely with Third City PR, Wellcome Trust and CEPI, we were asked to create an impactful explainer video for the launch at Davos 2017.

These are the types of projects we get most excited about, because the work we do has real and lasting impact on people’s lives.

CEPI Emotive Explainer Video Script

This one started with a bat,
A tree and a boy called Emile,
A life full of wonder,
And a world to be explored.

Soon after he fell sick,
And his family did too.
Disease spread further still,
Uncertainty led to fear.

Epidemics affect us all.
They affect anyone, at anytime.
They don’t care about borders or nations,
They are one of our greatest threats.

And with our dense cities,
easy travel,
and ecological change.
They spread faster and further than ever before.

Businesses close and airports shut,
Billions are spent and loved ones lost.
The sound of a cough,
Becomes the worst sound of all.

We’ve sent people into space.
Created incredible structures.
And connected the world in ways we never dreamed.
But we’re yet to outsmart epidemics.

We’re always a step behind.
Because we don’t plan, we react.
We know vaccines can protect us,
We just need to be better prepared.

So let’s come together.
Let’s research and invest,
Let’s save lives.
Let’s outsmart epidemics.

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