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Cooper Lomaz Case Study


One of East Anglia’s top recruitment agencies, with 1000+ clients, targeting professional recruits across key business sectors.

Objective of the video:

Give an insight into Cooper Lomaz, and what it would be like to work there; putting the recruitment profession on the radar for a wider audience, inspiring graduates and people from other professions down this route.




Film with animation




+ 10k views on YouTube, along with tremendously positive PR.
+ A valuable marketing tool across social media and, internally, drawing the right people in.
+ Cost saving by not having to hire an external recruitment agency or dedicated member of staff.


Mark, the Operations Director at Cooper Lomaz, talked about wanting a film highlighting the benefits of working in East Anglia as a desirable alternative to London; singing about the virtues of the region as a lifestyle choice. He was looking for a high-end film that represented a high-end agency; wishing to move away from the local angle. This needed to be made up of individuals within Cooper Lomaz – their success stories and the triggers that made them want to relocate. The premise of the film became starting out at the beginning of the day with the newest recruit and rising up the ranks towards evening. Consequently, each member of staff was selected based on their stories.

The film was designed to look, aesthetically, as pleasing as possible whilst some visual associations were made to London, to aid people in making that leap, psychologically. The reason the film worked so well came down to communication – speaking with each member of staff over the phone in advance and drawing out their stories, putting them at their ease. Setting up for a shoot, the technical and production aspects tend to dominate, so we always make it a priority to brief the client about how the day will unfold and the logistics; ensuring a relaxed environment so everyone feels comfortable being directed on the day.

“Engaged with a lot of agencies over the years – and getting people to come up with ideas is hard work – but, with Curveball, the process was really free flowing and creative, which made me want to engage them. Execution of ideas was faultless, and the whole experience was a real delight. No. 1 for genuine creativity and thinking differently”

Mark Fletcher, Operations Director, Cooper Lomaz.


Cooper Lomaz Video Production Case Study

Everything you need to know about managing an animated explainer or video production project

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with some great clients across company-wide campaigns. We’ve listened to their challenges and identified opportunities for their audience and their business. Customer experience, and raising the bar, is at the heart of everything we do. For many clients, animation/film has been a whole new direction. So, we designed the best ways to support them along the way.

We’ve now compiled this knowledge into a step-by-step guide; so anyone embarking on this journey has their bases covered.