Explainer video for Creative Industry Finance

Finance can be a dry subject, so we revelled in the opportunity to create something slightly different.

Creative Industry Finance explainer video script

If only managing your creative work was the most challenging part of
running a company.

As your business grows, cash-flow really does become king.

In the creative industries, we understand that cash works a little
differently and finding a route to finance can just end up winding you

So, at Creative Industry Finance we have highly experienced
business advisors, who just so happen to be from the creative
industries, eager to help companies, big or small, understand how
finance can work.

They’ll give you 1 to 1 advice on a whole range of areas from profit
margins to accessing new markets and help strengthen your
business plan.

We can then introduce you to one of our lending partners, who want
to finance our flourishing creative enterprises.

In fact, our aim is to transform creative enterprise by making the
growth spurts – like hiring new staff, launching products and
purchasing equipment, easier – all by enabling your access to

We’re here to help your creative business thrive, so have a look around
our site and start the ball rolling.

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