An animated infographic | 5 Pub Facts About Animals to make you go “No way, really?”

It’s Friday again and keeping to tradition, here’s a bit of Friday fun.

Infographics. They are all the rage at the moment. What’s also rising to popular use are animated infographics. These, of course, are not to be confused with the rise of the explainer video, which we’ve written about before.

“What’s the difference?” You may ask.

Simply put, an explainer video (an American coined term), is an animation that engages your audience with your product or service. It’s often used as a conversion tool.

An animated infographic is a fun (or sometimes serious…) animation about a particular subject, often filled with a host of facts to wow you.

Both are excellent tools for brand engagement.

So…we put our heads together and thought, ‘what interests us’?. As it turns out, it was questions like, ‘How far can a skunk spray it’s fluid?,  ‘I wonder if Rabbits can sweat?’ and “How many descendants could two rats have in 18 months…?”. Well, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve answered 5 of these ponderisms in a infographic & an animated infographic, all aimed at helping you win the next pub quiz! We can’t get the tune we’ve picked out of our heads!


5 Pub Facts About Animals

5 Pub Facts About Animals

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