Data Explainer Video for UEA

Understanding what a course can offer and getting excited about it was paramount to the UEA when creating this data explainer video. In essence, a data explainer is a video which succinctly explains a concept, idea or theory.

What we love most about our work, is the challenge of having to learn new subjects and areas of life and business all the time. We need to know just enough to be able to creatively tell a story, but not so much that we can’t see the wood for the trees. Did we succeed?

Data Explainer Video

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UEA Data Explainer Video Script

Data. There’s an unimaginable amount being collected about us every day,
but most of it is useless without any meaning behind it.

Data Scientists are able to drill down into this raw data using algorithms,
finding useful patterns.

They then analyse these patterns and see how they can be applied
in the real world.

Data Scientists are valuable to businesses, governments and the
world of science as their discoveries can lead to highly
valuable decisions being made.

Our Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining MSc offers specialist training,
opening up a career in an industry experiencing exponential growth.

Or, if you want to study part time, alongside your current job, our
degree has been structured to offer flexible options for gaining
an accredited qualification.

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