If I were Data, I’d be feeling pretty grumpy around about now.

Imagine growing up in a world where everyone’s expectations of you are super high. They say you’re a genius and will grow into a giant. Already they’re scared they’re not going to know how to handle you. Meanwhile, everyone’s tapping their feet waiting for you to grow up and get your act together. Like you’re the answer to all their problems. There’s even talk that you’re going to cure cancer. But, in the grand scheme of things, you’re still learning and growing.

It doesn’t help that there are people who are out to manipulate you, but you’ve got enough people on your side to deflect their attempts. No, it’s the people who mistake you for the bad people, that’s what hurts. There’s nothing inherently bad about you. All you want to do is learn and share. What the grown ups do with that information is their responsibility and in their care.

"Who's Following Me?"

No wonder Data’s a little miffed.

If only there was a way to instruct people that you’re still young.
That you’ll make mistakes,
But you’ll learn from them.
And that there are grown-ups all around,
Working hard to stop bad people using what you know.
If only.

All joking aside, we work with a lot of organisations who are mining data that will have a major part to play in national decision making; be that across healthcare, education or governance. Data protection is naturally a huge issue. I won’t pretend to fathom its complexities. All I will say is this, I am all for putting the facts in front of people to help them make informed choices.

Data is not the enemy, per se. Who has access to that data is the issue. If you can’t prove to me that my data is protected or demonstrate how it is being used, and to what ends, then I have every right to opt out. If, however, you can make a strong case for why I should opt in, then I am a reasonable person. I’ll weigh up the arguments, and make my decision accordingly.

Sound fair?

Curveball Nicola

Nicola worked in digital marketing in-house for big-name publishing companies for 20 years (Amazon, Bloomsbury, BCA). She came to work for Curveball Media, after becoming a convert to video, and advises clients on strategy and approach.

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