Animated Technology Video for Deep Secure

Deep Secure have a complicated product. One which lends itself to an animated technology video. It was important to show the viewer how Deep Secure removes threats from content, so they understand the unique way the product works.

Deep Secure Animated Technology Script

First generation cyber security has failed.

Traditional security systems can detect known malware,
but can’t stop a determined cyber criminal and are
ineffective against zero day threats.

Second generation cyber security is failing too.

Products that isolate risky applications only work
if holes are made in the defences to allow users to
work with the business information they need.

So can organisations meet the challenges of a third
era of substantive zero day cyber threats? Deep
Secure’s Content Threat Removal Platform is the
only solution that offers ‘no fail’, ‘no loss’
protection for your business information.

Content Threat Removal doesn’t try to detect or
isolate threats, it actually removes the threat
from the content.Instead of bringing in the data,
we only bring in the information that it contains.

We call this content transformation. Information is
extracted from incoming data leaving behind any
malware. The information is then used to build new
data to carry it to the destination. This method
does not rely on distinguishing good and bad,
any threat is removed not reduced and the business
gets the information it needs.Deep Secure’s Content
Threat Removal Platform also uses recursive decomposition
to prevent leaks of sensitive information.

Every element of your content is examined and checked
against highly granular policies, keeping sensitive
information secure. Whatever the threat – from unknown
and zero day exploits to the accidental loss of high
value data, Content Threat Removal from Deep Secure
is the only viable way to meet the challenges of the
3rd era of cyber security.

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