Quirky Business Animation for Eastworks

Eastworks didn’t want the typical corporate animation, so we developed a quirky business animation, which set the tone of the brand and delivered the benefits in an analogous form.

Eastworks Quirky Character Animation Script

Marketing is like dating. This is the story of Steve.

Steve the brand.

Steve’s been on plenty of dates and they’ve been lovely,
well OK, but the ones he’s really likes (wants),
tend to show little or no interest.

A little analysis has uncovered that they are, in fact,
flocking to the competition. It’s not all about looks,
but let’s face it, that’s the first thing people notice
– it counts.

So Steve decides it’s probably time for a rebrand…

Looking sharp Steve.

Now it’s time to peak interest in “Brand Steve”.

He starts by optimising his profile for the right keywords.

Then, to get a foothold over his competition, Steve
implements a targeted social media campaign.

With Steve’s profile optimised for search, branded for
love and written for action, he is soon inundated
with interested prospects.

When Steve met Alex, there was an instant spark and
all because he had the right strategy.


Eastworks Quirky Business Animation

Eastworks Quirky Business Animation

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