Explainer Video FAQs

10 years of producing animated explainers and video productions, for all kinds of organisations, in every industry imaginable, clues you up on the explainer video FAQs that tend to come up most.

Here are some of the most common explainer video questions we get asked. For a deep dive into what to include in an explainer video brief, along with our process, prices and lead times, get our guide.

What's the explainer video production process?

Over 10 years, we’ve built a rock-solid process that balances your input and creative ingenuity. We listen to what you need and explore the best approaches. At every stage, we walk you through our thinking and show you how it will all come together. To learn more about our process, get our guide or book an Explore call and we can walk you through it.

What to include in the video brief?

The best briefs are clear on what success looks like, your audience personas and video placement (like web or social). We’ll want to know your core propositions, brand guidelines and the types of videos that you love the look/feel of. Having said all this, don’t sweat it. We cover all of these points and more on a Discovery call.

How long is the explainer video production process?

Typically around 6-10 weeks from the Discovery call through to the final sign-off. Creativity can’t be rushed. We want to make sure that at each stage everyone has given feedback, we’re crystal clear on the direction we need to take and you’re completely comfortable before moving to the next stage.

How long should my explainer video be?

60-90 seconds is optimal. That’s around a 200-word script. For social, 5-10 seconds is the sweet spot. However, you’ll also want to think about how you approach the project. You’ll get far more engagement by tailoring your media for each platform. For example, we adapt sections of animated explainers into short, looping Social Hooks. You’ll find more on this in our guide.

How many amends do I get?

Many explainer video production companies limit the number of amends you get. To us, this seems at odds with collaboration. We want to get this right together, so we don’t limit the number of amends. That way, you get the video you need and want. On our Discovery call, we’ll create a solid foundation and then work with you to perfect each and every part of the video – from the script all the way through to sound design.

How much does a typical explainer video cost?

You want to make sure the video delivers on your expectations and we want to make sure we have the scope to do that. Showing us examples you love helps us to advise on a good budget level. One of the biggest factors to consider is the length of your video. A 60-second animation is always going to cost less than 90 or 120 seconds (all things remaining equal of course). There are companies out there that will do you a bang-up job for a few thousand, but if you want a considered approach, aim for at least 7k. You’ll find examples at different pricing levels in our guide.