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Creating a video is an exciting process. But it can also be a tricky process with more variables than you can shake a stick at. To help you overcome the tricky bits, we’ve answered some of the most popular explainer video FAQs below.

We’ve also put together a short guide which gives you more insight on what makes a successful video. It includes everything from the brief to the script, storyboards, animation, filming and pricing.


Icon of three scoops of ice cream in a bowlHow can you be sure you’ll get the video you want?
Because we use a rock solid process built on years of experience developing animated explainer videos, animated GIFs, and video productions for all sorts of clients, in all sorts of industries. We ask for your feedback and sign off at every stage to make sure you get the video you want. You can read more about the process in our guide.

Icon of a target with an arrow heading towards itWhat should you include in your video brief?
A good video brief should be clear on what the purpose of the video is, where it will be seen and who it’s speaking to. You could also include your brand guidelines and a description of your brand’s personality, but it’s not critical right at the start.  Either way, a clear brief lays a good foundation for what follows. Have a read of our blog article – How to Get the Video you Want – to find out which three questions are the most important to ask upfront. Or, use our Briefing Form to send us your brief.

Icon of a calendar showing the days of a monthHow long does it take to make your video?
Every project varies, but we always say to allow between 6 and 8 weeks. This gives you enough time to review everything, provide feedback and sign off. But if you need the video earlier – and you’re happy to spend less time providing feedback or making changes – then we will keep this in mind when planning everything in. We’ll also give you a full schedule before we start anything so you’ll know what to expect and when. You can read more about the six steps of the process in our guide.

Icon of a stopwatch showing time ticking awayHow long should your video be?
It depends on the purpose of your video, where it will be seen and who will watch it. For example, if it’s an explainer video for a website, then we recommend a 200-word script which equates to 90 seconds of film or animation. That’s just enough time to capture your audience’s attention and make your point without losing their interest. But social ads should be shorter by design. Our blog article – How to Get the Video you Want – explains more about how long your video should be, and why, depending on where it’s going to be seen.

Icon of a magic wand waving above a rabbitHow many amends do I get?
As many as you like. Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t limit the number of amends because we want to make sure you get the video you want. Our process is designed to avoid surprises. We explain each step before we take it, then ask for your feedback and sign off before moving onto the next stage. You’ll know what we’re designing before we design it. You’ll know what the video will look like before we animate or film it. We only charge extra if you sign something off and then change your mind. Here’s a blog article about making changes to your video throughout the process and managing expectations.

Icon a slice of cake with cherries on topHow much does a typical video cost?
Ah, the age-old question. Since we’re not selling identical looking widgets with identical components, there’s no such thing as a “typical” video. Every client is unique. Each video is tailor-made. Every quote is bespoke. The best way of knowing what we can do for your budget is by having a chat with us. Because then we can talk through which creative options will help you achieve your objective and best suit your brand, audience and budget.