We’re looking for a Business Development Manager! Interested? Email us.


First year OTE £30,400 – £35,400 (£25,000 – £30,000 basic + 5% commission on all self generated sales)

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager


Full time (contracted 8 hours, with the option to leave after 6 hours). The role requires travel to London (by train) and other parts of the UK (car or train).

*We would consider a pro rota part time role for the right person.

laughing at Curveball


Every company says they’re different, but as the old adage goes ‘actions speak louder than words’. In just under 5 years, we’ve employed some very talented people and created an environment where having fun leads to exceptional results. Curveball are now positioned as one of the leading animation companies, with our film side growing rapidly too. We’ve worked with TfL, Heathrow, FrankPR, London City Airport, Johnson & Johnson, Volvo, Renault and a host of other big brands. And we do all this working just 6 hours a day.


Our growth has been built entirely through search engines and repeat business. We’re now looking for an experienced salesperson to explore other avenues. This is far from a typical sales role and requires someone with imagination, tenacity and the ability to take ideas and run with them.

Drew at Curveball Media


Selling our services isn’t like selling widgets. Of course there are benefits of what we offer and how we work that you can use to sway clients. However, every project is unique and it will take someone with an ability to ask the right questions and paint a compelling picture to sell to new clients. We’re not talking about giving them a complete creative concept here, instead it’s about explaining the art of the possible, finely honed to that specific clients needs. You must dare to tell them what will work for them, which might not be what they think they want. When exploring growth avenues, we need the person to think ‘anything is possible, but what’s more viable?’. We welcome people that throw their passion at an activity, even when they fail. We support, encourage and develop. In return, we’re after someone who is keen to understand ‘why’ a strategy might work and ‘how’ to best explore it.


We’re a relatively young team where laughter is a permanent feature, and so is work life balance. But make no mistake, we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible and expect passion, drive and ambition in return.

Jack at Curveball Media


If you think you’re up to the job, email us at info@curveball-media.co.uk. Also check out our home page for more information about us.

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