Research Stage – Choosing the right video production agency for you.

Your most pressing questions answered.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with some great clients on company-wide campaigns. Creating corporate videos, explainer videos and animated explainers along the way that truly work and deliver results. We’ve listened to their challenges and identified opportunities for their audience and their business. Customer experience, and raising the bar, is at the heart of everything we do. For many clients, animation/film has been a whole new direction; and we wanted to help find a way to cover your bases. So we created a White Paper, which is available to download way at the end of this page.

But first things first.

Research Stage: Evaluating film and animation agencies.

Where to begin?

Before starting your research into which company to use, the bigger question to ask is “What do you need the video to do? What’s its purpose?” It’s an easy thing to overlook at this stage, but is incredibly important.

A successful animation or film strategy rides on its purpose; driving the direction of creative on what’s most important. There’s a big distinction between someone idly looking through social media and seeing your video, and potential clients who have activity clicked on your website for more information. Is it about growing traffic to your website? Or engaging with your website visitors? Two very different frames of mind and two very different creative approaches. The first is an advert, designed to drive website visits. The second is an explainer video, converting website visitors with a call to action.

How do you best evaluate agencies?

Often, clients will scan agency sites trying to find a match to something they’ve seen, or they’ll ask the agency if they’ve produced something within their sector? When what they really need to establish is which agency is going to best cater to their needs. What will get you the best customer experience, for the end user and your business?

You’ll want to know cost, naturally, but not every agency will have prices on their site. They’ll often ask for more information to help define a budget for your project. Others will provide a guide which shows budget guides against examples on their site. With so much variation in quality and price, what you need to assess is that the agency can deliver for your project. Their portfolio needs to demonstrate two simple things: one, quality and, two, range. Lastly, does the agency back up any claims with metrics and case studies?

How do you best evaluate the team?

Ask the agency how they will work with you. Will they take the time to really understand your audience, service and brand, before jumping on the creative? How will they incorporate feedback in a structured way, without compromising quality? Do they provide a schedule with key milestones for feedback? And, most importantly, would you be happy working with them?

What’s factored into cost?

It takes time to craft an animation or film that is on-message, on-brand and fit for purpose. A reputable agency will establish a budget with you in advance, aligning your expectations with what can be achieved creatively. They will understand you have to incorporate company-wide feedback and will have factored that into the budget without compromising on quality.  It’s crucial they allow for feedback at each stage of the process, from the creative brief, script and visuals to voice over, music and the animation/film itself.

Can it go over budget?

Yes, it can. Usually, if a stage has been signed off and is later changed, the agency may charge you a fee for any creative they have already produced. The surest way to avoid this happening is to make sure the right people have their say at each sign-off stage.

Who is in the best position to make this happen for the company?

No one knows your business better than you, so you need to be leading on this. Equally, no one knows video better than a specialist agency, who know how to elicit the best response. By partnering with an external agency, you’re hiring their expertise to interpret your brief and translate it in creative ways, so your video will resonate with your audience and be remembered.

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