British Gas | Hoot Case Study | Animated Explainer Video

British Gas/Hoot Case Study Animated Explainer Video


Centrica (British Gas) hired Hoot, a learning and development consultancy who specialise in operationalizing customer experience.

Objective of the video:

To gain stakeholder buy-in to an approach which has proven to be effective in other areas of the business.




3D with 2D animation overlays



+ Secured 30k contract.
+ Secured future work from Centrica by including Curveball as part of that package.


It was important for us to understand the wider context. Why was there a need for a new approach? What aspects weren’t being explained fully? How can we demonstrate Hoot’s approach when it can be used in so many ways? We developed a concept centered around a metaphor. A way of showing the essence of Hoot’s approach and why it helps achieve a wider business agenda. We achieved this by using a rubix cube and linking it to different parts of the business. A strong script, coupled with how the rubix cube moved, helped to convey the challenge in the current way of working and the opportunity in Hoot’s approach.

“Curveball absolutely respects our values and they protect our values when we‘re in danger of circumnavigating them. I most value their passion and energy. We feel like Curveball’s just another member of the team for us. Almost as if they are our creative team. Equally, they know what their strengths are. They’re not just doing it for the sake of it , but because they think it is going to add value.”

Jane Owles, Hoot.

British Gas/Hoot Case Study Animated Explainer Video

Everything you need to know about: Managing an animation / film project.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked with some great clients across company-wide campaigns. We’ve listened to their challenges and identified opportunities for their audience and their business. Customer experience, and raising the bar, is at the heart of everything we do. For many clients, animation/film has been a whole new direction. So, we designed the best ways to support them along the way. We’ve now compiled this knowledge into a step-by-step guide; so anyone embarking on this journey has their bases covered.

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