Charities & non-profit animated explainer videos

Charities and non-profit organisations operate differently to any other industry. Is that because they focus on raising awareness, fundraising and explaining issues? No, it’s because their audience isn’t kicking the door down to get to them. Which means an eye-watering level of proactivity. Charity explainer videos can reach a wider audience, stir up interest and inspire action.

Our charity explainer video approach

Changing perceptions is the name of the game without charity videos. As a video production company, we want to create that spark that ignites a meaningful conversation. And ultimately, action. That’s why it’s vital your animated charity explainer video grabs attention and piques interest. Feeding that psychological desire to learn more.

CEPI - charity explainer video case study

There was a time when a global pandemic was unimaginable. A threat relegated to certain parts of the world. If you don’t know the meaning of ‘hubris’, this pretty much sums it up.

To change that misconception, we crafted a charity explainer video with a relatable human story. Because a compelling emotional narrative will always grip viewers in a way that raw data and statistics never can.

Salvation Army - charity explainer video case study

Slavery in the UK was abolished some 220 years ago. But the grim reality is it’s still alive and well. And taxi drivers experience it all the time, without realising.

But in order to address a problem, you have to acknowledge its existence. So that’s what we did for Salvation Army in their charity explainer video. By using a rear-view mirror to aptly detail the different types of fares taxi drivers experience. And the signs of modern slavery to be on the lookout for.

CSP - association explainer video case study

Knowing when to speak up can be tricky. No one wants to overstep the mark. But even when someone’s wellbeing could be at risk, crossing that line can feel daunting.

So, for CSP’s animated explainer video, we needed to not only put the physios watching at ease but inspire them. And data was the key. Because, armed with the right data, they would feel empowered and confident to voice their concerns.

RIBA - association explainer video case study

Reinvention is more than a fresh lick of paint. It’s about sending a message that you’re embarking on a new chapter. And hyped for what’s to come.

To inspire RIBA’s staff, we crafted an animated explainer animation that first celebrated the company’s legacy. Then outlined their game-changing vision. And how new technology would play an exciting pivotal role.

What's the charity video creation process?

We know success comes from listening to what you need and exploring the best approach to get there. So, our charity explainer video production process has honed the balance between client input and creative ingenuity. Starting with an in-depth Discovery session, giving you confidence as we add creative value every step of the way.

How long does it take to create a charity explainer video?

Creating the perfect video isn’t an overnight job. From Discovery to final sign-off, the explainer video process typically takes around 6-10 weeks. That’s because we commit the time to ensure your video is as strong as it can be. As well as guaranteeing you have the space to appraise each stage of the process and submit feedback, before we move on.

How long should my charity explainer video be?

60-90 seconds is the sweet spot for an explainer video. Which isn’t long – the equivalent of around 200 words. For social, the ideal length is even smaller: 5-10 seconds. That’s why it’s so important to distil exactly what needs to be said, and the most efficient way of communicating it.

How many amends are allowed as part of your production process?

As many as is necessary. We are committed to getting your video in optimum shape. And putting a limit on feedback isn’t the way to achieve that. So, you can sit back, safe in the knowledge you’re getting the video you want and need.

How much does charity video production cost?

You want to aim for at least £7k. But that also depends on what you want and what explainer videos you like. We love seeing examples of work you enjoy, as it gives us a solid impression of your taste. And while there are factors such as animation styles, 3D and video length, every video we produce is of the highest quality – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is it like working with Curveball?

It’s a partnership. We’re not interested in lecturing you, any more than you want a ‘yes man.’ Because you know your industry and we know ours. That’s why we work closely with you and any stakeholders you need to bring in. Feeding back is straightforward and we keep everything on schedule.

What makes the Curveball team different?

Nothing is rushed, everything is considered. Whether that’s the words we deploy in the script, the care taken in the illustration, the fluidity of the animation or the resonance of the sound design – every aspect is given significant love and attention to create a truly impressive charity explainer video.

On what channels can I use my charity explainer video?

When we start the Discovery process, we like to know where your video will sit. This is so we can align the
message to the audience’s headspace. That being said, we have refined the process of repurposing. Sure, you can upload your entire video to social but by tailoring your media for each platform, it will perform better. Take Social Hooks for example: sections of
your charity explainer video, adapted to loop accordingly.

Who owns the rights to my charity explainer video?

You. When we say it’s “your charity explainer video,” we mean that. All the assets, the copyright and the video itself are all signed, sealed and delivered at the end of the process. Though we retain the right to host and promote the work as part of our folios. All of which, of course, is covered in our contract agreement.

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