Human Resources Explainer Videos

This is going to sound a bit heavy but it’s true: forming connections is fundamental to the human experience. So it isn’t surprising that, every day, human resource teams are looking for stronger, more human ways of connecting people. Naturally, they look to explainer videos, because there’s no better way to create a journey that emotionally guides their audience.

Our HR explainer video approach

By empathetically connecting with your audience, we’re able to uncover the story that matters to them. For your HR explainer, we sculpt a guided journey to demonstrate what’s possible, taking the viewer from a point of uncertainty to a place of confidence. Because it’s about feeling and showing, more than telling.

mthree - HR explainer video case study

For tech company HR teams, the idea of a talented, diverse workforce can feel like a dream, just out of reach. But mthree have the ability to make that dream come true.

For mthree’s hr explainer video, we employed a morphing technique, subtly expressing how easy and fluid the process could be. Creating a dreamlike journey from fantasy to reality.

Applied - HR brand video case study

To some degree, we’re all biassed. And while it doesn’t always stem from a negative place, it can seep into our working lives. Which is something Applied wanted to illustrate in their HR explainer video.

As their explainer was about altering views, we did just that. By continually shifting perceptions using a spectrum of mixed media to reflect how diverse elements can work together in harmony.

Cubiks Hire - HR explainer video case study

The essence of HR is people. So when Cubiks wanted to demonstrate their software, they needed real people front-and-centre.

And because audiences are smart, Cubiks HR explainer video only showed people on-screen who felt genuine and sincere. Meaning when the footage was paired with engaging animation, the viewer would be able to see how the software works and make an earnest connection with it.

Zoope - HR explainer video case study

Something that can initially make or break a product or service is ease of use. If it feels too complicated, prospective customers may not investigate further.

Knowing this, for this HR explainer video we combined real-life examples and real people with Zoope’s platform. To clearly demonstrate its simplicity and effectiveness, in a relatable way.

What's the HR explainer video production process?

Our HR explainer video process is about balancing client input and creative ingenuity. You tell us what you need, we get you there. From an in-depth Discovery session, all the way to the final touches on sound, we guide you through each creative step.

How long does it take to create a HR explainer video?

The process takes 6-10 weeks. And at every stage, from Discovery to final sign-off and every stage in-between, we’ll walk you through our thinking. To guarantee the creation of an explainer video that performs as you need it to.

How long should my HR explainer video be?

2 minutes max. Or, put a different way, 200 words. It’s not much, so everything needs to be whittled down to the core message and the best way to deliver it.

How many amends do I get?

As many as you need. We want to get the video right for you. And if that takes amends and alterations, that’s what it takes. But we always get there and the results are exemplary.

How much does a HR explainer video cost?

Different approaches require different resources. So it depends what you’re after. Our recommendation is to send us examples of what you like the look of. That way, we’ll know what you’re after and can advise on budget.

What's it like working together?

Enjoyable, thrilling, exciting. The combining of your expertise and ours is a sight to behold. And one which many clients have wanted to repeat over and over.

What makes the Curveball team different?

Consideration is key. We will pore over every aspect of your project to ensure it resonates with your audience. What’s more, we care about each video and won’t settle for releasing anything that doesn’t meet our rigorous standards.

In what channels can I use my HR explainer video?

HR explainer videos can be used on your website or intranet. If your focus is on company values, it’s also worth considering adapting your explainer into Social Hooks. These are short, looping animations that grab attention on social and attract new talent.

Who owns the rights to my HR explainer video?

That would be you. You sought us out to get a HR explainer video and that’s what you’ll get. But more than that, you get all the assets and files too. So a lot of our clients end up using illustrations in other marketing materials.

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